Exclusive Real Estate Seller leads, Buyer Leads, and Appointment Scheduling

IJMLS’s appointment scheduling and lead generation services deliver quality real  estate leads ready to meet in person. If you are ready to start receiving exclusive and unlimited real estate leads, please review the information below and call or chat live.

The sooner we get you started, the faster we can start sending you exclusive real estate leads!

IJMLS offers seller, buyer, refinance, and contractor leads ready to meet in person!  We advertise nationally, make cold calls in your target market, and manage thousands of real estate advertising websites.  When you have a chance to meet with a real estate lead in person, your conversion ratio is far higher than when you try to chase down real estate leads on the internet or telephone.

Appointment Scheduling and Lead Generation Program Overview:

  1. IJMLS   develops a custom advertising campaign for your target zip codes.
  2. IJMLS generates exclusive real estate leads with motivated prospects ready to meet in person!
  3. Our goal is ten to twenty appointments every month.
  4. All programs have a service guarantee!
  5. We make cold calls, publish local guides, create business profiles, and utilize predictive analytics to generate real estate leads and schedule appointments.

In summary, IJMLS  helps develop relationships in person with motivated prospects, makes cold calls, keeps you off the phone, saves you time, and you close more transactions with less work.

  Just send us your target zip codes and we will send you exclusive real estate buyer and seller leads ready to meet in person.
Since 1994, management has been generating real estate leads and developing custom advertising software solutions for real estate brokers, mortgage banks, and contractors.

Please call or chat live for more information.

You can also review the programs and pricing by clicking the Pricing tab.

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